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Who doesn't want free?

To be seen most businesses post upwards of 3 times a day per social media platform & that can take away from your business & sales.

So take the work out of finding images and get some free ones! Royalty free & high res. ( Always!)

Free Online Creative Community

Along with free images you will gain access to a new online creative community of like minded savvy business owners & dreams. FREE.  YES FREE!!! This is a free group hosted by Heather, where she is open to helping creative entrepreneurs & small business owners stand out from the crowd by working together to grow your brand visually. Whether your business is online or in a brick & mortar location you are welcome. It’s your brand, your message, your passion. The visual part of any business is always the hardest part and where most time is spent with little profit, let Capture & Design give you the tools you need on visual aids so you can spend the time & energy where it counts

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